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Небольшая книга на английском языке с идеями детских развлечений. Описаны несколько подвижных игр и идеи поделок. Contents:- Tent urban- Scratch photos- Stick or decide- cleaning soap Sculptures- Waxy Nature images- Pinecone humans- Paper Plate artwork- Water Globes- Eggshell Pencil Holder- college- colour and a Shave- Sock Puppet- Friendship Bracelet- force Me loopy- Im In enterprise- fashion designer store- version baby- shall we visit university- name Me- Inchworm- Library- note seek

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Wrap the pillowcase around you Cut along the two again. If you like, use a safety pin to secure it sides of the pil- around your waist. Tie on the belt, leaving lowcase, leaving the ends in front. ) the end uncut. Wear your kilt with an Egyptian bracelet or Open the cloth necklace or (see pages 18–20). into a long strip and wrap it 16 Hair and Makeup Ancient Egyptians wore their hair naturally or they wore wigs. Many people shaved their heads or cut their hair very short. Wealthy ladies and gentlemen sometimes wore elaborate wigs on fancy occasions.

Ships voyaged to Nubia for ivory, gold, perfumes, and ostrich feathers. C. The large paddle at one end is really a rudder for steering. Copyright The British Museum, London 31 Egyptian Sailboat Y traveling on the Nile during Egypt’s Middle Kingdom. each end. ) Make a dot in the ➺ Materials long edge. (You will draw four dots, hereafter ➺ 3 inches middle of each short edge (these are end dots). Draw a straight line ▲ Scissors ▲ Jar of water ▲ Ruler ▲ 3-by-3-inch sterile gauze bandage ▲ Stapler ▲ 2 pipe cleaners ▲ Scotch tape ▲ Wooden chopstick ▲ Newspapers ▲ Miniature figurines for ▲ Acrylic or poster paints sailors (optional) connecting one of the side dots to the nearest end dot.

Sometimes scribes wrote both ways in the same piece of writing, going from right to left on one line and left to right on the next. Each hieroglyphic picture stood for a word and for the sound of that word spoken aloud. Imagine if we wrote the word “bee” in English by drawing a bee. If we wanted to write the word “be,” we could use the same picture. The Egyptians did something like this. Groups of pictures could also 24 stand for a single word. The sign for “scribe” was a picture of a pen case, a palette with red and black ink, and a bag of water.

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