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After about 50 million years, fish evolved jaws and swam about chasing other animals for food. Fish continued to change, becoming more streamlined and developing fins and tails shaped for better movement. Sharks, which are fish with skeletons made of cartilage (softer than bone), first appeared some 380 million years ago. About 20 million years later, more advanced fish with skeletons and fins similar to many of today’s fish were common. ” Discover the mystery animal that goes with the backbone in the puzzle to the right.

The Earth Under Our Feet We tend to think that the Earth stays the same, even though we know living things change. However, the oceans and continents you recognize from maps were not always the same shape or in the same place as they are today. The surface of the Earth is made of huge pieces, called plates, that slowly move over time. This movement is caused by great forces in the floors of the seas that push the Earth’s crust away. Scientists have lots of evidence for this idea. For one thing, the shapes of some of today’s continents match across the ocean.

5. 65 million years ago. Antarctica, India, and Australia separate from Africa. 6. Today. Map shows the present positions of continents. MAPS OF THE CONTINENTS THROUGH TIME Death for the Dinos—and Others About 65 million years ago, another mass extinction occurred. The most famous animals affected were dinosaurs. They became extinct, along with all flying and most marine reptiles. Many other land animals were hard hit. In the seas, all ammonoids died, as well as many species of fish, brachiopods, clams, snails, and sponges.

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