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By Gregory McNamee

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Following the version of the medieval Latin bestiaries, Gregory McNamee has written a ebook instantly naturalistic, folkloristic, and literary, made of brief essays on forty-three animals of the world’s deserts. those essays talk about the creatures as they're and as they're imagined, and convey their usual lives and histories vividly to the web page.

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Published in the United States by Johnson Books, a division of Johnson Publishing Company, 1880 South 57th Court, Boulder, Colorado 80301. 987654321 Front cover illustration by Marjorie C. Leggitt: Jackrabbit teaches Coyote a painful lesson in a Tohono O'odham story (see pgs. 89-91). Cover design by Bob Schram Front cover background art by Molly Gough Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data McNamee, Gregory. A desert bestiary: folklore, literature, and ecological thought from the world's dry places / by Gregory McNamee.

The thirty-nine other bat species in North America are in increasing peril as well, much of it traceable to the use of agricultural pesticides. With that fall has come a sharp rise in the mosquito populationa Mexican freetail bat can eat upwards of six hundred mosquitoes an hourand with that mosquito upsurge, in turn, has come an increasing prevalence of tropical diseases in the desert, diseases once thought to have been eradicated, among them dengue fever, which has been striking the inland deserts of Mexico since the early 1990s.

The news is real: once again, the world is being remade around us, brought on by error and ignorance, by misapplied technology and the drive for economic profit at the expense of the natural world. Africanized bees are only a small part of that story, a story of the destruction we have wrought upon our- Page 19 selves. Only when the natural world begins to fight back will we know how frightened we should really be. S. Haldane, asked to state his view of nature after a long career studying it. Twenty years ago, I recalled his remark while sitting alongside an ancient roadcut in the arid mountains of southern Italy, watching dung beetles at their work.

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